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EST. 1995

Our team has been perfecting the art of food science at our Oxford, Maine processing facility long before the Cannabis Industry made its's foothold in Maine and across the United States.


nanoRetreat is owned and operated by a classically trained chef with decades of experience specializing in flavor extractions. 

what is

nano emulsification?

nano-emulsification is an advanced mode of delivery system for common additives that are typically oil based. Products utilizing nano emulsified CBD have many advantages traditional oils.  Some of the many advantages to nano emulsification, are: 


  • Improved bioavailability of CBD

  • Provides increased absorption

  • Is absorbed directly into cell walls rather than through digestion

  • Requires less energy to dissolve

  • Has fast-acting effects


nanoRetreat CBD offers superior bioavailability and fast-acting effects. 

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nano emulsification?

To make CBD particles that easily absorb into a cell membrane, one of the best methods is reducing their size. Nano sized particles provide greater surface area, thus increasing absorption. Increased absorption means you enjoy faster results.

Imagine CBD particles as pebbles, and the cells in our body as small holes in a sieve. The majority of the pebbles are too large to fit through the holes in the sieve, so they are left unused or wasted.  Much in the same way traditional CBD oil particles are mostly wasted. This is because traditional CBD particles measure around 2000 nanometers. Yet, our cells are only able to fully absorb particles that are between 60-80 nanometers. Nano Retreat creates CBD particles as small as 20-40 nanometers.



This is perhaps the most outstanding aspect of water based CBD. The carrier used to bind the CBD helps to protect the core compounds, so they are delivered in the anticipated dose. If you take a look at the oral application of CBD oils, the bulk of it is broken down in the gastrointestinal system and ultimately doesn’t end up working for you. Some research indicates that only about 6% of the dose you swallow reaches the blood stream. Water based CBD facilitates optimal absorption,  which can provide up to 80% bioavailability. *

protecting the cbd

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